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Besides the features of each Department, they are all supported by a well equipped modern Library that has a pride of place among the various facilities provided in the college.
The large number and variety of volumes cater to every need of the student and the teacher. The wide range of reference books, journals and the standard books together meet the total needs.

Each Department has its respective Association, where the students are encouraged to develop and exhibit their talents and strengths. Activities like debates, group discussions, technical quizzes etc. are held regularly. Further, Guest Speakers, specialized in their respective fields are invited to come and share their knowledge and experience and interact with the students and teachers.

In Plant Training:

The Placement Department functions in coordination with the various Departments of the college and interacts with the Industries. In-plant training is arranged for the students during the vacation, which helps them in co-relating their class room knowledge with field practicals and realities.

Industrial visits, regular seminars and workshops also mould the students and help them in becoming full-fledged and well-equipped Engineers as they finally step out of the college.

Smt. Kamala & Sri Venkappa M. Agadi College of Engineering & Technology