Information Science Engineering

The department established in 2003 and started functioning independently from the year 2007, during this short period of time the department has emerged as one of the leading department in the college with the help of dedicated and caring staff members. Students of our department have an associaction called INFINITE, providing a platform to show their extra curricular activities.

Objectives of the department

  • Provide a “hands-on” approach to information science & engineering so that graduates develop an understanding of engineering judgment and practice

  • Produce graduates who are exceptionally competent engineers whose work is notable for its breadth and its technical excellence;

  • Prepare and motivate students for lifetime of independent, reflective learning

  • Produce graduates who are fully aware of the impact of their work on society, both nationally and globally

  • To prepare students to demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills thus contributing their knowledge at various levels of responsibilities in heterogeneous.

Labrotary Details

Programming Lab
(Data Structure /Object Oriented Programming, Algorithm Design & Analysis /Software Testing, Web programming)
30 Nos Wipro Make
512MB RAM 40 GB HD P4 Processor
2.26 GHz, Speed
17" Monitor
 With LAN
Project Lab
(Data Base Applications/File Structures, Computr Network, Project)
33 Nos Wipro Make
Intel-P4 Processor 2.4 GHz,
40 GB HD
15" Color Monitor
10 Nos HCL Make
Intel-P4 Processor, 2.7 GHz 2 GB RAM
300 GB HD
17" LCDMonitor
With LAN
Hordware Lab
(ECLD/ Microprocessor Lab)
CROs, Function Generator, trainer kit,etc
PCI interface cards, Stepper motor interfacing kit, DAC interfacing kits, etc
10 nos computer systems with simulation software.



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