Dr. B.M. AGADI's Profile

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Profile :
  • Proprietor - Agadi Hospital and Research Center,Bangalore. 
  • The hospital specializes in :
  • General Surgery, Internal medicine, Obstetric and Gynecology, Pediatric and Pediatric Surgery, Cardio-thoracic and Vascular Othopedic, Neurology, Neuro-surgery, Psychiatry, ENT, Opthalmology etc.
  • It has three well planned operating theaters, a well equipped labour room, 24 hour casualty service, 60 beds and 170 employees including 13 in-house medical staff and 50 nursing staff.



  • Life member of Surgical society of Bangalore, Indian Society of Health Administrator, Academy of medical     Specialty, International Association of Gastro-entrology,     Indian medical association (IMA)
  • Fellow of IMA Academy of medical specialties.
  • Founder of Association of surgeons of India in general     surgery - 1993.
  • Elected as fellow of international college of Surgeons of     India - 1979.
  • President - Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes     Association, Bangalore - from 2003.
  • Distinguished Alumni asard by Kasturba Medical College     Manipal and Mangalore.
  • Recipient of "Dr. BC Roy Doctors day" Award for the     year 1999 instituted by IMA Bangalore.
  • Felicitation by IMA Karnataka State Branch - 2000.
  • Felicitation by Surgical Society of Bangalore and ASI CC     2001.
  • Is Running charitable Rural Primary trust Medical Centre at a remote village.
  • Life Trustee & Hon Secretary  of Bangalore Surgical trust which runs     medical library.
  • Founder & Management Trustee of Agadi Foundation, a  charitable trust which runs Haemodialysis unit at subsidized rates.

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